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A GG1 Electric Locomotive in Cooperstown Junction, NY
GG1 Electric Locomotive AARX 4934  /AMTK 4932/ PRR 4909 (built 12/1941) in Cooperstown Junction, NY (8/2023.)

My name is Tim Dowd, and I've loved Connecticut's railroad history since I was a small child when my father would take me to the site of the Crescent Beach station along the Northeast Corridor in Connecticut. We'd watch the Amtrak F40s and Amfleets go by, look for broken telegraph insulators, and get cinders in our shoes from the slopes that the New Haven RR left there for fire suppression. It's made me a lifelong railfan.

One of my favorite things to do as a railfan is to track an old route from start to finish and to go see what's there. 25 years ago, my father and I worked on this for the Central New England Railroad, between Hartford and Canaan, CT. That effort has been stalled since 2004 when a server crash lost some of our work and I moved out of state, but it does still exist: The Central New England Railway

Most of my time spent enjoying railroads recently has been spent on the line that at its greatest extent ran from Providence, RI to Beacon, NY. You can find the work I've done on that effort here: Hartford, Providence & Fishkill / New York and New England Railroad

Santa Fe Caboose ATSF 999470 in Boise City, Oklahoma
Santa Fe Caboose ATSF 999470 (built 1942) in Boise City, Oklahoma (3/2011.) Note the model of the bomb in front and the plaque: Boise City, the last county seat in the Oklahoma Panhandle before New Mexico, was famously accidentally bombed by a crew from Dalhart Air Force Base in 1943.

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